Air conditioning proposal in Jupiter

Air conditioning proposal in Jupiter – How to understand an air conditioning proposal?

An air conditioning proposal in Jupiter is an important step in the process of getting a new HVAC system running. After you set a shortlist of contractors to do the job, you will then get an air conditioning quote from each of them. Analyzing these documents will help you hire the best company for the installation.

In order to understand your contractor’s AC proposal, you need to familiarize yourself with the industry terms that appear most commonly in a quote.

Air handler
A unit that pushes the air through the ductwork.

Evaporator coil
A coil that turns the refrigerant from a liquid state to a gas state.

The outdoor unit of an HVAC system.

Blower motor
A component that blows air through the ducts.

Passages that deliver the cool air from the unit to the supply vents and the warm air back (the opposite is true for heating).

If you want to see a list with more specialized terms, Wikipedia has an extensive glossary on HVAC terms that can be useful to you.

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