Commercial Air Conditioning in St Lucie County

JB's Air Conditioning and Electrical is committed to help you in choosing the right commercial air conditioning equipment and products. We guarantee they will satisfy all your commercial air conditioning and heating needs in St. Lucie County and surrounding areas.

Our years of experience in commercial air conditioning in St. Lucie County have made us aware of the problems that a commercial AC system can face, and we know how to solve them through maintenance, repair or replacement.

We can provide you with heating and cooling systems such as:

• High-efficiency rooftop units for commercial air conditioning
• Commercial split system air conditioners
• Commercial HVAC controls
• And much more.

JB’s A/C & Electrical is the leader provider in commercial air conditioning in St. Lucie County! Our experience, professionalism, honesty and integrity are qualities which set us apart from the competition.

Contacting JB’s A/C & Electrical means not only getting the best commercial air conditioning in St. Lucie County, but also:

- 100% Customer Satisfaction Guarantee
- 24 hours a day/7 days a week regular and emergency service
- Licensed and insured service.

We are glad to help every kind of business with its commercial air conditioning needs. Are you a start-up business that just got a new location? We can help you find and install the best unit for your needs. Is your current AC unit not working as before? We will examine your unit and suggest the best course of action, whether it’s repair or replacement.

Call 772-634-6315, this is our office number as well as our 24/7/365 emergency hotline.

24 / 7 emergency call:   (772) 634-6315