Refrigeration in Hobe Sound

How does refrigeration work in air conditioning?

A big part of air conditioning is refrigeration. If you need someone to install or fix refrigeration in Hobe Sound, you should understand how it works first. That way, you’ll be able to comprehend what the specialist is about to do and appraise their actions and results.

Refrigeration is an essential part of air conditioning. AC systems use a basic physics law to operate: when a liquid transforms to gas, it absorbs heat. This means that the space around it will become cooler.

Air conditioning applies this law by making special compounds evaporate to cool the air, fan the cool air to the property through the ventilation ducts. Then, a compressor puts high pressure on the compounds to make it convert back to liquid state and start the process again. These compounds are called refrigerants.

If you need to fix the refrigeration in your AC or install a new one, you may be divided between calling a refrigeration expert and calling an HVAC specialist.

A refrigeration expert can help you in any application that involves a refrigerant, be it an air conditioner, a freezer or even a whole room. An HVAC specialist won’t be able to help you with the latter two, but they can address any problems that come up in other parts of your HVAC, such as the ductwork or the furnace.

This means that both a refrigeration expert and an HVAC specialist can help you with your AC’s refrigeration in Hobe Sound. However, if you want to make sure that the technician will be able to solve any other problems that may arise, contact an HVAC specialist.

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