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3 Benefits of Scheduling an Indoor Air Quality Inspection This Spring

Woman blowing her nose.

Did you know your home might contain high levels of biological pollutants, excessive dirt , pet dander or other contaminants? These pollutants affect your home’s indoor air quality and your health. Here’s why it’s a good idea to schedule an indoor air quality inspection this spring for your Stuart, FL, home:

Protect Your Household’s Health

Firstly, have you or any member of your household recently experienced increased fatigue, nasal issues, headaches, or allergy-like symptoms? Before blaming seasonal changes or other exterior factors, ask yourself the following question. Do I feel better when I leave the house?

If the answer is yes, you might feel ill because of your home’s indoor air quality. Having your home’s indoor air tested could get you and your family back on track to better health. Inspections reveal contaminants caused by cleaning products, secondhand smoke, pet dander, and HVAC issues.

Improve Your Home’s Comfort Level

Have you found it difficult to get comfortable in your home? Maybe you find yourself sneezing more often. Perhaps the air feels sticky all the time. Humidity and ventilation problems cause many air quality issues. Hiring a qualified service technician to inspect air quality levels gives you valuable information to begin the process of cleaning up your home’s indoor air. As a result, you’ll start feeling more comfortable in your home.

Lower Your Energy Bills

You don’t want to pay more to heat and cool your home than necessary. Yet, if you have air quality issues, chances are that’s what’s happening. Dirty air makes your HVAC system work harder, resulting in more strain on the system and higher utility bills. Controlling your home’s ventilation and its air quality goes a long way toward extending your HVAC’s longevity.

Take action now to breathe easier in your home, lower your energy bills and even reduce household odors. Contact JB’s A/C & Electrical and schedule an indoor air quality inspection today!